Storyspace: for all your ideas

Writers keep track of their ideas in lots of ways. When inspiration hits, they write on post-it notes, the backs of envelopes, napkins—whatever surface is handy. Seasoned writers, especially journalists, sometimes even carry tiny tape recorders, in case an idea catches them on the run.

Storyspace is a better way to store and manage your ideas. You'll never lose an idea, because you keep them all in one capacious, searchable place. At the same time, because Storyspace doesn't force you to assign dates and categories to everything, you don't need to inhibit your process by structuring things too much, or too soon.

Plus, you can put just about anything in a Storyspace document. No matter what inspires you — text, sounds, images, or movies — Storyspace is a perfect multimedia brainstorming tool.

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